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We are the 99%

Let's unite for income equality and privacy against corruption and greed.

We are the first decentralized autonomous NGO and our first product is an open-source decentralized social network owned completely by the 99% people.

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Our Circle of Trust - Core Values for Businesses

Our aim is to connect people with good local and global business based on the values below. If you are an organization following these values already then reach out to us!

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Our Mission - Uniting and supporting the 99% around the world

99% refers to the lower 99% of the world's income distribution. In US, this value was $343,927 in 2009 which means any household earning less than $343,927 belonged to the 99%.

By uniting the 99%, we wish to create a more justified world, a world where salaries are fair without discrimination and our privacy is not violated.

We wish to be a community which will lend you support in your tough times and cherish you in your good times. And if any organization has been unfair to you, we will hear you and stand by you.

Help you make the right choice

Your everyday choices can have a big impact on the bottomline and help us secure your future. Even small choices like the browser you are currently using (We recommend Brave) are important.

Learn which companies and brands to buy from and which ones to avoid. We will benchmark each company and help you learn about their policies with interviews of their CEOs.

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